LogIT Microsense Sensors

Probably the most reliable and durable sensors on the market. LogIT MicrosenseR  Sensors have powered LogIT Dataloggers for over 25 years.

HUGE RANGE - Sensor for every parameter - highly specialised or sensitive versions - Designer adaptors for your own sensors - 0-1V adaptor for old Philip Harris sensors

SUPPLIED WITHOUT FIXED CABLES - No broken wires rendering the sensor useless - No trailing wires - Attached Directly to the Datalogger for portability

STANDARD 5/7 PIN DIN CONNECTORS - Ultimate durability (still music industry standard) - Extensions cables Available for flexibility

AUTO RECOGNITIONS & CALIBRATION - Quick, plug in and start logging - No messing around with calibration - No setup required

SENSORS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL LOGIT DATALOGGERS - Full backwards compatibility - No obsolescence

RIGID METAL (TYPE1) & PLASTIC (TYPE 2) CASINGS - Designed for the rigours of classroom use

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LogIT Radioactivity Sensor

LogIT Radioactivity Sensor£352.00

LogIT Carbon Dioxide Sensor

LogIT Carbon Dioxide Sensor£299.95

LogIT Oxygen Sensor and Probe

LogIT Oxygen Sensor and Probe£292.49

LogITMotion Sensor - Ranger VS

LogITMotion Sensor - Ranger VS£155.00

LogIT Force Sensor

LogIT Force Sensor£145.00

LogIT Infrared Sensor

LogIT Infrared Sensor£132.01

LogIT Colorimeter Sensor

LogIT Colorimeter Sensor£122.51

LogIT Humidity Sensor

LogIT Humidity Sensor£122.00

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