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PCR Preparation & Sterilisation Cabinet

PCR Preparation & Sterilisation Cabinet
Product Code :  BIO-320-100Price:  £1,673.75 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 3347

The Cleaver PCR Preparation & Sterilisation Cabinet provides a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment, thus limiting PCR reaction contamination. The powerful UV lights on the cabinets denature nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes, making them unsuitable for amplification. The white light provides excellent visibility when working within the cabinets.
The cabinet incorporates safety features to prevent user exposure to UV light; the UV lights are timer controlled, and there are safety switches on the cabinets doors which automatically turn the UV lights off when opened.
This UV Cabinet is the perfect solution for laboratories constrained by space and budget. The reduced height and footprint allow the cabinet to fit conveniently into smaller spaces on a benchtop.

• Unit Dimensions 45 x 58 x 34.5 cm (h x w x d)
• Inside Dimensions 27 x 52.5 x 32 cm (h x w x d)
• UV Lights 4 x 15 Watt
• White Light 15 Watt
• Spill Tray included
• Weight 12 kg
• Input Voltage 230V AC

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