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Emergency Use Lab. PPE Kit

Emergency Use Lab. PPE Kit
Product Code :  PPE-100-100Price:  £26.90 /Kit(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 52

An emergency use laboratory PPE kit, for staff use if or when required. The kit provides all the components needed for short-term protection of staff who need to administer immediate remedial measures to students or others.
This kit should be kept in a convenient position, such as next to an eyewash station, and the outer bag should be marked ‘For emergency use only’.
Contents include: Disposable gloves (100pk); Fluid-resistant face masks (FRSM Type IIR) (10 pk); Disposable plastic aprons (100 pk); Safety spectacles (x 2 - allows 1 to be decontaminated, whilst still leaving 1 in the kit); Paper towels (200pk); Plastic bags for the disposal of used equipment and for any contaminated clothing (50pk).
The kit is contained within a ‘clip-close handle’ polyethene bag, which can be conveniently hung where needed.

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