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Calcium Chloride 2-Water

Calcium Chloride 2-Water
Product Code :  S0003046-500GPrice:  £9.06 /500g(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 18

Only available for schools & colleges to order.

Calcium Chloride

Product Code :  S0003046-500G
Assay:  98%
CAS:  10035-04-8
Index No.:  Not listed
EC No.:  233-140-8
Formula:  CaCl2 2H2O
Synonyms:  0
Info:  0
UN Hazard Class:  N/A
UN Number:  N/A
UN Packing Group:  NA

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Q =  I came to use my Calcium chloride, which has been stored on the shelf unopened, and the contents have solidified. The chemical must be faulty.
A =  Calcium chloride is hygroscopic and can readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere. So, even though the bottle was unopened, water vapour in the air can still ingress the contents of the bottle. Hygroscopic chemicals should be stored in tightly closed containers in dry conditions or in a desiccator, to prevent moisture absorption which can lead to congealing or solidifying of powders, granules and crystalline solids.

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