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Daphnia (Water Flea)

Daphnia (Water Flea)
Product Code :  BLO-200-100Price:  £17.77 /bottle(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 34

Approximately 300 live water fleas supplied in a bottle.

Q = Which species of Daphnia do you supply?

A = We supply Daphnia pulex.

Q = How long will they keep for?

A = Daphnia should be used within two weeks of purchase. If required for a longer period, place into fresh water after this time -     using pond water, bottled still water or rain water (NOT tap water) - and feed with Daphnia food (BLO-200-120), Chlorella (BLO-050-100) or other algae. On receipt of the Daphnia, pour them gently into a large beaker, tank or other container and keep cool (10-15C if possible) and out of direct sunlight.

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