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Disposable Petri Dishes 50 x 13mm - 20pk

Disposable Petri Dishes 50 x 13mm - 20pk
Product Code :  PER-150-100Price:  £2.65 /20pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 4

Disposable Petri Dishes 50 x 13mm - 20pk. Disposable, aseptic, clear polystyrene, triple vented petri dishes with lids. Available in 50 mm or 90 mm diameter sizes and different pack quantities. Produced and packed in an aseptic environment.
The larger packs are supplied as boxes containing plastic sleeves of 20 petri dishes per sleeve.

Q = Are these sterile?
A = Our standard plastic petri dish range, PER-150-100 etc. have been manufactured and packed in aseptic conditions but have not been irradiated. So, essentially they are sterile but not to the guaranteed high level of sterility which irradiated plates are.
 We do also offer a range which has been sterilised by irradiation - PER-170-100 etc.

 We do sell large numbers of each range, so I think customers probably use both types for growing cultures, but if it’s vital that they are completely sterile you should use the PER-170 range. There is of course a difference in price.


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