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Milton Fluid

Milton Fluid
Product Code :  CLE-380-100Price:  £21.98 /5L(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 42

For the safe cleaning and sterilising a wide range of items including safety eyewear, Milton Sterilising and Disinfecting fluids have been used in the medical industry for many years. This disinfecting fluid is formulated from a non-hazardous chlorine based bleaching agent that effectively kills off bacteria, fungi and viruses in under 15 minutes. This large 5 litre bottle has a durable handle and screw-on lid, allowing it to be stored safely until required. Milton fluid can be used for sterilising anything from various surfaces (including bench tops and floors) to goggles, safety spectacles and various lab. and prep. room equipment and apparatus.
Please note: Milton Disinfecting Fluid and Milton Sterilising Fluid use exactly the same formula (2% sodium hypochlorite), so they are interchangeable (items immersed in the fluid become sterilised whereas surfaces etc. which are wiped become disinfected). Sterilising/disinfecting takes up to 15 minutes at the manufacturers recommended dilution rate. Dilute solutions should remain active for 24 hours.
Supplied as a 5L container of concentrated fluid.

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