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Organic Chemistry (B14/23) Set

Organic Chemistry (B14/23) Set
Product Code :  QSC-510-100Price:  £93.11 /set(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 186

The most popular jointed glassware set for schools and colleges. Comprises nine basic items of glassware, all with size 14/23 ground-glass fittings for ease of compatibility. Allows the construction of many experimental assemblies, including steam distillation, reflux with addition, and preparation. Housed in a cardboard box with foam rubber liner to provide safe storage and transit. Historically known as the 27 BU/M set.
The set includes the following, all with 14/23 fittings (except the thermometer):

Adapter cone with screw thread
Air inlet tube
Bend, plain long
Dropping funnel, 50ml
Glass stopper
Liebig condenser
Pear shaped flask, 50ml
Still head
Thermometer -10 to 360 ºC

Q = What size tubing is required for the side arms of the Liebig condenser?
A = Rubber tubing  required for the Leibig Condenser has an 8mm bore e.g TUF-150-008

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