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Coulomb Meter

Coulomb Meter
Product Code :  ECT-170-100Price:  £75.32 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 150

For charge detection and measurement. Useful for a wide range of experimental applications including charging by induction, Faradays ice pails, Coulomb's law and capacitance of an isolated sphere. The 3.5 digit liquid crystal display has 13mm high digits with a wide field of view unobscured by trailing leads. The display also provides indication of polarity and low battery. The unit is exceptionally easy to read. Two colour coded 4mm sockets are located on the sides for maximum convenience and anti-slip feet are fitted to the base. Low operating current gives expected battery life in excess of 500 hours. Housed in a robust, ABS plastic case. Supplied with charge plate, battery and instructions. Range: 0 to 1999nC

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