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Demountable Transformer Kit

Demountable Transformer Kit
Product Code :  ELP-100-100Price:  £418.25 /kit(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 836

A large scale transformer, ideal for classroom. The coils are fitted with intermediary outputs providing many transformation ratios. Consisting of 1 magnetic circuit made up of highly permeable U-shaped metal sheeting which can be closed via two clamps with tightening screws. Section: 40 x 40 mm. Length 150 mm. Height 170 mm.

•  one coil of 600-turns, I max: 2.5A. Mains for the transformer primary
•  One coil of 72-turns, Imax: 12A. Intermediary 6, 30, 54 and 66-turns output
•  One coil of 1200-turns, I max: 1.25A. Intermediary 400 and 800-turns output
•  One coil of 6000-turns, Imax: 0.2A intermediary 2000-turns output

Q = There is no output from the mains coil, is it faulty?
A = The power to the mains coil should never be switched on unless the coil is first mounted on the laminated core. If the power is switched on without the coil being on the core, the fuse will blow, as effectively it is creating a short-circuit. The fuse is located in the mains socket on the front of the unit and can easily be replaced.

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