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Half Life Analogue Demonstration Set

Half Life Analogue Demonstration Set
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A classic experiment that gives a very good analogy with radioactive decay. Each of the 500 small plastic cubes has one face identified (black colour) to represent radioactive nuclei which have ‘decayed’ when this face is uppermost. Thus, as the cubes are shaken and thrown out onto the desk, some will have an unmarked face upwards while others will have the marked face uppermost. The ones with the marked face represent the decayed nuclei – these are removed, counted and the number noted. The ‘decayed’ nuclei are then kept to one side before the next throw. The process is then repeated until only a few cubes remain. The results give an excellent exponential decay curve. The idea of the random way in which the cubes fall can be compared with the random nature of radioactive decay.
Supplied as a set of 500 small plastics cubes.

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