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Max Series 5SW

Max Series 5SW
Product Code :  POW-300-350Price:  £183.32 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 366


The MAX Series from PSU Base offers a unique range of high quality power supplies to suit different budgets and technical requirements. Designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for school science laboratories, these robust power supplies come with a high range of features and specifications as standard. Importantly to aid classroom management each unit can be set to a MAX voltage.
Care has been taken at the design and build stages to include many of the features sought after by teachers and technicians, such as robust build quality, simplicity, integral carrying handle, angled front panel for ease of use and reading the display. The importance of storage has not been forgotten with two units comfortably fitting into a Gratnells tray and the unique case design allows the units to safely stack. The ABS case contains an anti-microbial additive for safety in our new world.
Max Series 5SWis a unique concept to ensure the voltage required for the experiment stays where it is needed. There is just a power button, no other controls. This unit has a remote control to select the desired voltage. A single remote can control a class set of power supplies.

•  MAX Volatge control
•  Variable or stepped DC voltage output
•  High current capacity up to 12A
•  LED Indication
•  Shrouded 4mm output sockets
•  Positive rotary controls
•  On/Off switch on front panel
•  Overload protection
•  Short circuit protection
•  Full wave rectification
•  ABS case with clear front panel
•  ABS case with anti-microbial additive
•  Stackable ABS case
•  Remote controlled
•  DC Voltage Range: Stepped 2,4,6,8,10,12 volts
•  Max current: 5 amps
•  Overload protection
•  Un-Smoothed & un-regulated
•  AC Voltage Range: 2-12 Volts
•  Voltage set by supplied remote control

Product Code :  POW-300-350
Brand:  PSU BASE
Size:  175 x 255 x 180 (d x w x h)
Maximum Voltage:  12 V
Maximum Current:  5 A
Overload Protection:  Yes
Switched or Continuously Variable:  Switched
Smoothed:  No
Regulated:  No
Stackable:  Yes
Limiter:  Yes
Cut out:  Electronic
Short Circuit Protection:  Yes
Full Wave Rectification:  Yes
Anti-Microbial case:  Yes
Remote Control:  Yes
Voltage Display:  Yes
Carry Handle:  No
A.C:  Yes

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