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Teltron Deflection Tube

Teltron Deflection Tube
Product Code :  TTT-150-100Price:  £791.11 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 1582

Highly evacuated electron tube with focusing electron gun and fluorescent screen inclined relative to the beam axis, so that the path of the beam can be seen and the effects of electric and magnetic fields can be studied. The electron beam can be deflected electrically in the electric field of the built-in plate capacitor, and magnetically by using the Helmholtz coils (see page 375). By adjusting the electric field so that it cancels the magnetic deflection, it is possible to determine the specific charge e/m and the velocity of the electrons.

Filament voltage: 6.3 V AC
Max. anode voltage: 5000 V
Anode current: approx. 0.1 mA at 4000 V
Max. capacitor voltage: 5000 V
Fluorescent screen: approx. 90 x 60mm

Product Code :  TTT-150-100
Max. Filament voltage:  6.3 V AC
Anode current:  Apprx. 0.1mA at 4000 V

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