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The BRIGHT range of teaching and learning products comprises the BRIGHT Atom, BRIGHT Teacher Atom, Bight Teacher Kit, and Bright Science Kit. All parts and kits are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are excellent for teachers and students to teach and learn atomic structure, ions and isotopes.

These kits provide an easy, hands-on approach to understanding the following:
• Atoms
• Atomic weight
• Atomic number
• Electron shells
• Electron configuration
• Nobel gas structure
• Ionic bonding

BRIGHT Atom™ is a hands-on student kit to help them learn the concepts of atomic structure, isotopes, and ions, helping students gain an understanding of our smallest building blocks.
Contents include:
• Strong plastic box with separating parts (layers)
• 4 electron orbitals on the top part of the box and 4 in the base part
• 30 protons, 30 neutrons, 30 electrons
• Instruction sheet
• Storage for all subatomic particles inside the box
• The models can easily be stacked for storing


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