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Protozoa - Live - Amoeba Proteus

Protozoa - Live - Amoeba Proteus
Product Code :  BLO-500-100Price:  £23.57 /30ml(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 46

Selected for their appeal in teaching protistology in schools, colleges and universities. Many species are particularly amenable for use in student projects for studying feeding, reproduction, motility organelles, nuclear apparatus and encystment. All supplied in 30ml cultures, (sufficient for up to 30 students). Amoeba Proteus is very large and vigorous strain which displays protoplasmic streaming (cyclosis), prey encapsulation and phagocytosis. An excellent textbook species for demonstrating pseudopodia and amoebae morphology.

Q = How long will these keep after receipt?

A = Best to use within a few days but will be useable for up to 2 weeks - perhaps even a month - before deteriorating too much. With time, there is a depletion of the food source but also a build up of faecal products and products of metabolism. Keep either at room temperature or (preferably) in a fridge, removing a few hours before use. The culture includes flagellates as a source of food (Chilomonas, which is a flagellate protozoa). Loosen lid after receipt.

Q = How many Amoebae are included with each culture?

A = There are a few hundred Amoeba in each culture - suitable for use with up to 50 students.


Q = Can I grow Amoeba on to produce new colonies?

A = Our supplier says it is difficult to grow Amoeba cultures and does not recommend trying. From starting a new culture it can be up to 3 months before they are suitable for use, and they require the addition of a food source and changes of water to remove them from any contaminants which build up. Each culture does include a lot of Amoeba, so growing on should not be necessary and is hardly worthwhile.

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