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Lascells Capacitance Selector

Lascells Capacitance Selector
Product Code :  ELP-085-110Price:  £26.67 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 52



The Capacitance Selector is ideal for use where a range of different low capacitor values are required. The apparatus has twelve non-electrolytic capacitors, which are selected by turning a rotary switch, and comes mounted on an acrylic base with 4mm sockets for use with standard lab. leads. Values 220pF, 470pF & 1000pF; 2.2nF, 4.7nF 10nF, 22nF & 47nF; 0.1 0.22, 0.47 &, 1.0 microfarads.

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