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Laser Ray Box

Laser Ray Box
Product Code :  OPL-350-100Price:  £58.32 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 116

An economical 5 beam laser ray box which has options for 3 or 5 parallel red laser beams and a magnetic base, providing the option for use on magnetic whiteboards. A simple 3-position switch allows switching between off and 3 or 5 laser rays. The lasers are spaced 1.6cm apart and have a wavelength of 650nm (red). The ray box also comes with a clip which gives the option of using one or two light beams.
The unit includes a rechargeable battery, a low battery indicator and comes supplied with a USB lead to recharge the battery from a PC, laptop or mains USB type plug. An indicator also shows when the battery is fully charged.
Simple to use, this laser ray box does not require low light conditions in order to carry out ray optics experiments and see the rays clearly.

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