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Electric Clinostat

Electric Clinostat
Product Code :  PLB-050-100Price:  £128.00 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 255

This mains operated electric clinostat is a useful aid for the study of geotropism and heliotropism in plants. The unit comes with a sturdy steel base with rubber feet for traction, a removable protective acrylic cover (to protect seedlings) and a 10cm diameter cork platform for attaching germinating seeds (e.g. broad bean seeds). The cork platform rotates through 360 degrees over a period of time, to provide a simulated weightless environment, negating the effects of gravity on the growing seedlings.

The motor unit can be turned and clamped to provide any angle between horizontal and vertical, and the motor unit base can be clamped to a bench top using a G-clamp (not supplied), if required.

Germinating seedlings are pinned to the cork platform, which rotates at four revolutions per hour, and the acrylic cover helps to shield the seedlings from draughts.

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