Test Tubes

Test Tube Information

Breckland supplies four of the most reliable brands of test tubes available, as follows:

Breckland - Our own brand of glassware, including test tubes. Designed and hand crafted to our exact specification.

Samco - A premium brand of S Murray & Company, still a UK family owned company after more than 100 years in business

PYREX - A premium brand, manufactured under license in the UK.

Kimble - A quality brand, manufactured in Europe and the USA.

Glass types:

Soda Glass - this has traditionally been used for bottles and general lab glassware. It is a more economical option but it is not suitable for direct heating with a Bunsen burner etc.

Neutral Borosilicate - more economical than borosilicate, this has a high chemical resistance and is suitable for use with strong acids & alkalis. It can withstand moderate heating, but it is best to avoid sudden temperature changes e.g. by placing a cold test tube directly into a hot Bunsen flame - gradually heat at first before concentrated heating.

Borosilicate 3.3 Glass - this is the most suitable glass type to use when heating in a direct Bunsen Flame. It is the most heat and thermal shock resistant of the standard glass types and is highly resistant to strong chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

Ignition Tube, Test Tube or Boiling Tube?

Ignition Tube, Test Tube and Boiling Tube are terms loosely applied to different sizes of test tube:

Ignition Tubes - the very small borosilicate tubes e.g. 75 x 10mm which are often used for intensive heating of samples. These are sometimes discarded after use, due to the difficulty of cleaning or because of heat distortion damage to the glass. 

Test Tubes - the medium sized tubes used for many applications, which are typically 125 x 16mm or 150 x 16mm.

Boiling Tubes - the larger sized tubes often used for heating solutions etc., which are typically 150 x 24mm. Strictly speaking, boiling tubes should be made of thicker glass, to better withstand the rigours of intensive heating (see 'Breckland Boiling Tubes' and 'Samco Boiling Tubes').

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