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Micro Capillary Tubes

Micro Capillary Tubes
Product Code :  CHR-070-100Price:  £3.94 /100pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 6

Micro-capillary tubes, ideal for spotting TLC plates or chromatography paper, thanks to the small volume of liquid contained within each narrow bore tube. The liquid to be spotted is drawn up into the glass tube by capillary action and will be drawn back out by touching the end onto a TLC plate or chromatography paper. Supplied in packs of 100 glass tubes, each 75mm long with a volume of 75 microlitres, or a bulk pack of 1000 tubes.

Pack of 100 tubes.

Q = What are the dimensions of the micro capillary tubes?
A = The dimensions are:
 Length 75mm
 ID 1.1-1.2mm
 OD 1.5-1.6mm

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