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Chromatography Card

Chromatography Card
Product Code :  CHR-230-100Price:  £5.31 /10pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 10

This economical chromatography card provides a cost effective way to carry out basic chromatography or to allow students to practice chromatography spotting techniques before moving on to the more expensive papers and plates. The card is easy to cut into strips for use in beakers, tanks, gas jars etc.
A typical separation time for a mixture of CMY inkjet printer inks (for example) should be about 5 minutes, to produce a separation column up to 50mm long.
Applications include: basic chromatography separation, forensic techniques, stain diffusion patterning, colour diffusion patterning, records of chemical reactions and fluid syphoning (using as a wick).
The chromatography card is supplied as a pack of 10 x A4 (approx.) sheets.

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