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Dialysis Tubing - 21mm

Dialysis Tubing - 21mm
Product Code :  DIA-050-200Price:  £73.58 /30m(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 146

21.5mm diameter, flat width 33mm.

Also known as Visking tubing, for use in osmosis, diffusion, and filtration experiments. These semi-permeable (selectively permeable) membrane tubes are made from reformed cellulose and are supplied in a range of different diameters.
The Molecular Weight Cut Off (MWCO) of the Visking / Dialysis tubing supplied is 12000-14000 Daltons, which should allow glucose molecules to pass through. Before use, wash the tubing and rinse in warm water.
As the tubing is open ended, tubing clips offer a useful means of sealing the ends.

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