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Microwave Optics Kit

Microwave Optics Kit
Product Code :  OPL-875-200Price:  £1,035.37 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 2070

A quality, comprehensive microwave optics kit, designed to help gain an understanding of how microwaves display the same characteristics as light waves, and show the same reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction phenomena. The kit includes a transmitter, receiver, loudspeaker and other accessories that allow you to perform various wave experiments. The inclusion of a 360o protractor, millimetre track and the option to connect an oscilloscope via the BNC connector of the receiver provide the opportunity for quantitative analysis as well. The wavelength of the microwaves is 2.85cm and the 11 narrow slit accessory includes mounting pins on two sides to allow the grating to be turned by 90 degrees, to show that waves will only pass-through narrow slits in one orientation, due to polarisation of the waves.

The transmitter is equipped with a switch that allows you to choose between internal and external modulation of the carrier signal, with a BNC connector for input of an external modulation signal. The receiver includes a BNC connector to allow the received signal to be transferred either to the loudspeaker accessory, or to an oscilloscope for a visualisation of the signal and for more detailed analysis and measurement.

Full kit contents include: Microwave transmitter with holder; Microwave receiver with holder; 12 V DC power supply with 3 output cables; Articulated track with 360o protractor; Loudspeaker; BNC to 2 x 4mm plug cable; Expanded polystyrene panel; Tray and tray support; 150 x 150 mm plate, metal; 360o protractor with pin; Paraffin prism; 11-slit grating plate, metal; Single slit plate, metal; Two slit plate, metal; Linear ruler.

the kit includes components to allow the following experiments to be performed: Operational test; transmission and absorption by water;transmission and absorbtion by a polystyrene body; transmission and absorption by the human body; transmission and absorption by a metal body; microwave reflection; microwave refraction; total reflection of microwaves; polarization of microwaves; polarization plane of microwaves; diffraction by a single slit; diffraction by a double slit (Young's experiment)

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