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MiniMax Digital Ammeter 0-20A x 0.1A

MiniMax Digital Ammeter 0-20A x 0.1A
Product Code :  EMD-120-100Price:  £25.00 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 50

Brand:  PSU BASE


These digital meters are part of the PSU Base MiniMax range and have been designed specifically for school use. They feature an auto on/off system to conserve battery life beyond any normal bench meter using LED displays. LED displays ensure the readings can be seen in any lighting conditions. Green LEDs are used for the voltmeter and red for the ammeter. Incredibly the voltmeter range is 0-100v and the ammeter 0-20A. Two colour coded 4mm sockets are provided. The housing is typically purple and made from robust ABS.
Supplied with 9v PP3 battery
Size: 140 x 115 x 60mm

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