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Tripod for IR Scanner

Tripod for IR Scanner
Product Code :  THM-325-150Price:  £23.76 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 47

This non-contact, rapid response, infrared thermometer / temperature scanner offers a quick and convenient means of measuring body temperature to indicate the possibility of fever or infection and has been specifically designed to help with the fight against COVID-19.
Designed for use in premises where a high number of people are entering, the unit can be wall mounted or attached to a tripod (not included) and is capable of taking multiple temperature readings within a short period of time. An inbuilt alarm and different colour lights indicate normal or high temperatures (normal, 1 beep + green flashing light; high, >37.5C, 3 beeps + red flashing light).
The thermometer/scanner is ideally suited for placement inside the entrance to school buildings, work premises etc. and eliminates the need for a member of staff to have close contact with students or visitors. Users simply approach the unit, place their forehead close to the scanner, and a temperature reading is taken, displayed, and stored.
Comes supplied with a USB lead and USB mains adapter plug to power the scanner. The unit is rechargeable but requires a 3.7V lithium 18650 type battery, which is NOT supplied. Average charge life using a rechargeable battery is approximately 1 week.

•  High accuracy and fast response time
•  High temperature alarm
•  Large high definition LCD
•  Hanging hook, adhesive fixture or tripod stand fixing
•  Connects to PC for remote reading and measurement storage
•  Alarm with 1 or 3 beeps and green or red flashing lights

Product Code :  THM-325-150
Weight:  163g
Dimensions:  171 x 115 x 140mm
Accuracy:  +/-0.2C
Infrared LCD Display range:  +32 to +43C
Response time:  0.5 secs
Operating temperature:  +10 to +40C (recommended +15 to 35C)
Measuring distance:  5-10cm
Counting capacity:  999 counts
Measurement:  Automatic, non-contact measurement
Power source:  USB mains connection or charging (charging requires a 3.7 V lithium 18650 type battery (not supplied)

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