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Only available for schools & colleges to order.

Powdered culture media for making up plates or for making into solution. Once made up, the media can be used for growing bacterial or fungal cultures. Typical uses for each media type are indicated.

Q = How do I make up MRS agar into solution?
A = Weigh 70 grams of powder and add to 1 litre of deionised water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes or heat to dissolve completely, swirl to mix then sterilise by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 minutes. Cool to 45-50°C and pour into sterile Petri dishes. If acidified medium is required, adjust pH prior to pouring. Dry the set agar surface before use.
Dehydrated culture media: 10-25°C.
Final medium: Plates - 7 days at 2-8°C
Capped containers – up to 1 month at 15-20°C in the dark.

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