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Linear Air Track Kit

Linear Air Track Kit
Product Code :  FMD-180-100Price:  £505.86 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 1010

Ideal for investigating Newton’s second law, uniform motion, uniformly accelerated motion, conservation law and collisions.
The kit includes the air track, 2 gliders, 2 lightgate holders and accessories.
The track cross section is a 50 x 50mm aluminium extrusion 1.5 metres long. Additionally, there is a T-shaped aluminium profile down the length of the track. This facilitates the use of photocells/light gates which can slide along the graduated scale.

The track has 3 feet of which 2 are adjustable to facilitate levelling. There are 106 air holes each 1mm in diameter, spaced 26mm apart.
The gliders are made of black painted aluminium. The gliders have holes to mount appropriate accessories. Each glider is 110mm long and has a mass of 106g.

The accessories are:
2 round flags for the gliders, one 10mm diameter, the other 15mm.
2 x velcro tubes for inelastic collisions.
2 spring bumpers and 1 rubber band bumper for elastic collisions.
Slotted masses : 4 x 20g. 3 x 5g, 3 x 2g, 1 x 1g and 1 x 3g mass holder.

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