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Ohaus 2000 Hotplate Stirrer

Ohaus 2000 Hotplate Stirrer
 Ohaus 2000 Hotplate StirrerOhaus 2000 Hotplate Stirrer 
Product Code :  STI-800-100Price:  £335.00 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 670

Brand:  OHAUS


A quality analogue magnetic hotplate stirrer from Ohaus, for stirring, heating and boiling liquids.

At an economical price, this rugged design features separate controls for heating and stirring.

The robust metal housing and PET front panel provide a spill resistant design, and the ceramic plate gives a smooth, chemical resistant heating surface which is easy to clean.

Featuring powerful stirring, up to 1600 rpm for up to 15L of solution, and fast safe heating up to 500°C, this unit is extremely simple and easy to use. A prominent hot top indicator light illuminates when the heater is above 40°C, providing a visual sign that the plate is hot. Other features include an on/off switch, green indicator light showing unit is heating or stirring, support rod holder and separate control knobs.


• 178 x 178 mm Ceramic hot plate

• Temperature range: 70°C – 500°C

• Speed range: 200 to 1600 rpm

• Stirring capacity: 15 L solution

• Hot top indicator light

• PTFE coated stir bar included

• Power supply: 230V a.c. (mains lead included)

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