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Alnico Major Magnet

Alnico Major Magnet
Product Code :  MAG-560-100Price:  £435.12 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 870

This is the original Major magnet, from a UK supplier, and is an extremely powerful but precision permanent magnet assembly.
The Alnico Major Magnet comprises a large, very sturdy C-shaped alnico magnet (Aluminium/Nickle/Cobalt) with high quality ferromagnetic (steel) poles. The assembly is precisely magnetised and adjusted to give a 2000 Gauss field reading in the air gap between the steel poles (equivalent to 2 kG, 200 mT or 0.2 Tesla). The Alnico magnetic material has excellent thermal characteristics, with a maximum operating temperature of 550 degrees C and good corrosion resistance. The pole/air gap between the steel poles is 27.3 mm, which makes it suitable for use in applications which require a magnetic field strength of known value in an air gap.

Typical applications in industry include mass spectrometry, medical experiments, sensor designs, and generator experiments whilst in education it can be used for flux density measurements, eddy current dampening, Flemingís (Pohlís) swing, magnetising ferromagnetic materials, deflecting electron beams and demonstration of moving coil meters. Supplied with magnet keeper.
Dimensions: 111 mm high x 103.5 mm wide x 50 mm thick
Weight: 2.9 kg

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