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Optical Bench Kit Basic

Optical Bench Kit Basic
Product Code :  OPL-390-100Price:  £96.25 /kit(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 192

An economically priced optical bench set, for demonstration or student use, to investigate optics and light. The bench is constructed using square section aluminium extrusion, with cm graduations along the length of the rail, from 1cm up to 100cm, and incorporates riders which can slide and be positioned anywhere along bench. The set comes supplied with 5 riders, for holding lenses, slits, LED light source and optical screens. Uses include measuring the focal length of a lens, image inversion etc. 

Set comes complete with; 1 metre graduated rail with stabilising feet, LED 12V Light source with 12V adapter, lens holder, single slit with holder, white screen, translucent screen, double concave lens, double convex lens, planoconvex lens, planoconcave lens, and candle holder. Overall length approx. 106cm.

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