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Electrolysis Cell

Electrolysis Cell
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Comprises open-ended glass tube fitted with two carbon electrodes by means of a rubber stopper. Connections made by crocodile clips and an insulating strip of plastic in the bung prevents the clips being shorted accidentally. Consists of glass tubes of dia 74 x 24mm, and collecting tubes of dia 75 x 10mm.

Q = What size are the tubes in the electrolysis cell?
A = The larger glass tube, which is open both ends is 25mm O.D. and 22mm I.D. Length is 75mm. The smaller gas collection tubes are 10mm O.D. and 7mm I.D. Length is 75mm.

Q =  How do I set the cells up without spilling the electrolyte or getting it on my hands?

A = To set the electrolysis cells up, ready for use, try the following:
 Fill the 2 small tubes with electrolyte then insert the carbon rods which are in the rubber stopper into these tubes. The larger outer glass tube should also be in place on the stopper at this point. Apply light pressure to the bottoms of the tubes so that a seal is formed against the rubber stopper, then carefully invert the whole apparatus so that the tubes full of electrolyte are now upside down but sealed against the stopper. Now add more electrolyte to part fill (e.g. half to two thirds max.) the larger diameter outer tube of the apparatus. The applied pressure on the small tubes can now be relaxed and the electrolyte within them should stay in place and not flow out.

Q = What are the dimensions of the various parts of the electrolysis cell?

A = Large outer tube: 80mm long x 28mm OD x 24mm ID
 Stopper: 25mm bottom diameter
 Carbon rods: 5.2mm diameter x 100mm long approx.
 Small glass tubes: 10mm OD x 8mm ID x 75mm long, rimless

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