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Miniature Light Dependent Resistor

Miniature Light Dependent Resistor
Product Code :  ECO-130-100Price:  £2.55 /10pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 4

Photoconductive cadmium sulphide light dependent resistor (LDR) in a miniature 4mm dia. epoxy sealed frame. Cell resistance reduces as light falling on the device increases. Typical applications include light control, cameras, toys etc. Sold as a pack of 10.

Product Code :  ECO-130-100
Peak Spectral Response:  540nm
Light Resistance:  50-100Kohm
Dark Resistance:  20Mohm minimum
Max Voltage:  100V
Power Max:  90mW
Working Temp Range:  -20 to +60

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