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Prototyping Board

Prototyping Board
Product Code :  ECO-550-100Price:  £7.14 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 14



This Prototyping Board, also known as ‘Breadboard’, is ideal for making up electronic circuits or test circuits without the need for soldering, as wires and components can be simply pushed in or pulled out again. This makes it ideal for designing circuits or when components need to be changed, and allows components to be used many times over. Components and wires are held in place by clips below the holes, the clips being interconnected in groups to create connections between components.
Made from white high durability Acetal board mounted on an adhesive foam base, the contact positions are clearly indicated by screen printed alphanumeric grids and colour coded polarity indicators. The boards are also interlocking, enabling two or more boards to be fixed together. There are a total of 400 tie points (contacts). Dimensions: 80x54x10mm (LxWxH). RoHS compliant.
A useful accessory for this board is the Jumper Wire pack (see below).

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