UK made Electrophoresis Kits. These exciting kits come either with real DNA samples or with dye samples to stimulate DNA. Dye kits do not need staining after the gel has been run making them quick and easy to use. For those who prefer to see authentic banding using actual DNA we offer the same scenario but using real DNA samples, these kits do take longer to complete as the gels will need staining and de-staining in order to visualise the DNA banding.

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Cleaver Thermal Cycler

Cleaver Thermal Cycler£2,999.95

Edvocycler PCR Machine

Edvocycler PCR Machine£2,269.00

Edvocycler Junior PCR Machine

Edvocycler Junior PCR Machine£849.70

Electrophoresis Class Set

Electrophoresis Class Set£768.90

Cleaver Class Set

Cleaver Class Set£726.98

Cleaver Transilluminator

Cleaver Transilluminator£514.09

TGT8 Electrophoresis Tank

TGT8 Electrophoresis Tank£442.36

TGT6 Electrophoresis Tank

TGT6 Electrophoresis Tank£417.90

M36 Electrophoresis Tank

M36 Electrophoresis Tank£401.50

Cleaver Lab Power Supply

Cleaver Lab Power Supply£387.32

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Page 1 of 3:    28 Items

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