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Lascells E-Field Detector

Lascells E-Field Detector
Product Code :  ECT-550-100Price:  £98.61 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 196

The Lascells E-Field Detector provides a new and novel way to demonstrate charge. This highly sensitive electronic device can detect very small charges and their polarity, as well as charge at a distance.
This robust apparatus allows teachers to clearly show whether a positive or negative charge has been created and in which directions the electrons have moved.
An LED array indicates positive or negative charge, as well as the size of the charge and external voltmeter sockets allow for quantitative measurements.

•  on- off switch
•  Hi-Lo Sensitivity range
•  Clear, easy to read display
•  Narrow field of detection
•  Rubber feet to insulate case

Product Code :  ECT-550-100
Dimensions:  145 x 100 x 50 mm(l x w x h)
Current draw:  50mA
Display range:  Hi sensitivity 6-125pC, Lo Sensitivity 0.6 - 12.5nC
Socket output range:  0-4.7V equivalent to Hi sensitivity 0-470pC, Lo Sensitivity 0-47nC

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