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Digital Joulemeter - Standard

Digital Joulemeter - Standard
Product Code :  HEM-100-110Price:  £99.98 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 198

A robust and simple to use Joulemeter with autoranging LCD display. The units in which the values are displayed change automatically (e.g. between joules and kilojoules) and the decimal point automatically shifts so that three significant figures are always displayed.  This means it can be used to measure from 100 nanojoules up to 1.75 megajoules without the need to make any manual adjustments. Readings are also logged, for download to a PC (if desired).

The function button allows selection of the desired quantities to be measured: energy (J) and time (s); power(W); average power (W); voltage (V); current (A).

The meter is powered via a single micro-USB socket, either using the mains adapter (included), or by connecting to a USB socket.

• Current range: ±7A (current can flow in either direction)

• Voltage range: ±25V

• Log memory: 2500 samples; Sample period 1, 2, or 4 seconds

• Powered via 5V mains adaptor (included) or USB

To measure the energy or power in a circuit or apparatus, a battery or bench power supply should be connected to the 4mm ‘source’ terminals, and the apparatus or component being measured (e.g. a bulb or 12V immersion heater) connected to the 4mm ‘load’ terminals. 

Also available are spare/replacement internal 7A fuses, sold as a pack of 10.


Q = Can this energy meter be used to run an immersion heater at 12V?
A = The 'Standard' energy meter is fine to use with a 50W immersion heater being run at 12 Volts. The energy meter has a specification of 25 Volts d.c. and 7 Amps, so it will cope fine running an immersion heater as above, which will draw around 4.2 A.
 Please note that the immersion heaters are normally designed to run at around 12V.

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