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DNA Fingerprinting - Using PCR

DNA Fingerprinting - Using PCR
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Give your students the opportunity to carry out PCR in the classroom! This kit provides easy to follow instructions for your students to develop various crime scene scenarios independently. Plasmid DNA, when amplified by PCR, provides products that represent individual DNA profiles. Your students can then solve a crime!
Kit includes: instructions, PCR EdvoBeads, DNA templates, primers, DNA ladder, ultrapure water, wax beads, agarose, loading dye, electrophoresis buffer, FlashBlue™ stain.
All you need: micropipettes to measure between 5 and 50µl, tips, thermal cycler, electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, microwave or hot plate.
For 5 Lab Groups
Set up 30 min, PCR 2 hours or overnight, Electrophoresis 45 min.
Storage: Some components require freezer storage
N.B. For best results you will need to use a fluorescing stain with this kit e.g. BIO-870-029, SYBR Safe and a UV or Blue Light Transilluminator.

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