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Mains Plug With USB Socket

Mains Plug With USB Socket
Product Code :  ELA-100-100Price:  £6.58 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 12

A single output USB mains plug adaptor, suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, iPads and most other devices with USB sockets. Output 2.0A max.
These electrolytic sanitisers provide a simple and effective means of producing Sodium hypochlorite solution for sanitising purposes. Simply add water and standard salt (NaCl) to the generator, stir or shake to dissolve the salt, switch on and wait for the hypochlorite solution to be generated.
Using electrolysis, these appliances produce disinfectant solution with a concentration from 150 to 1200mg/litre, depending on model and setting, which can quickly and effectively kill many bacteria and viruses, and provide a clean (i.e. no additives), safe, environmentally friendly and hygienic way to disinfect.
The sanitisers can be set to produce different concentration ranges, to suit your requirements, and the solution produced can be stored for up to 30 days (less for the lowest concentrations). Soak, wipe or spray items or surfaces for effective, environmentally friendly sanitising, with up to 99.99% kill rate.

Two models are available: a ‘kettle’ type with a capacity of 2 litres, or a spray bottle design with a capacity of 500ml.

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