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Agar Powder - 250g

Agar Powder - 250g
Product Code :  S0001013-250GPrice:  £29.35 /250g(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 58

Only available for schools & colleges to order.

Product Code :  S0001013-250G
Assay:  >97%
CAS:  9002-18-0
Index No.:  Not listed
EC No.:  232-658-1
Formula:  N/A
Synonyms:  0
Info:  0
UN Hazard Class:  N/A
UN Number:  N/A
UN Packing Group:  NA

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Q = Is this agar suitable for making agar plates with?
A = The agar powder S0001013 (also known as agar-agar) is not really suitable for making agar plates for growing cultures, as it contains no nutrients. Instead you will need one of the nutrient agars listed in the 'Microbiology' section of our catalogue (e.g. CUL-050-375 etc.).

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