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Product Code :  FMF-170-100Price:  £26.00 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 52

The g-ball provides a simple, fun and cost-effective way of measuring the acceleration due to gravity or g by freefall. At slightly larger in size than a baseball, this 100mm diameter ball can be dropped from heights up to 12 metres. Although the components are robust, it is advisable to drop the ball onto a soft surface such as grass or carpet.
The g-ball contains an accurate digital timer, which can display times from 0.01 to 29.99 seconds (i.e. 0.01 second resolution). The display is reset to zero simply by holding down the button. By releasing the ball from a measured height, timing starts when the button is released as the ball is dropped, and stops when it hits the ground. The acceleration due to gravity can then be calculated using the time displayed and the known height the ball has been dropped from.
Includes 2 x SR54 cell batteries for the LCD display. These are easily replaceable. Dimensions: 100mm diameter.

Experiments to try with your g-ball:
1) Determine 'g' by dropping the ball from a known height.
2) Throw the ball straight up. What height did the ball reach? What was its maximum speed?
3) Release the ball from a known height. Repeat the experiment from the same height but this time throw the ball sideways.

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