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IPC Signal Generator & Amplifier

IPC Signal Generator & Amplifier
Product Code :  SNS-260-100Price:  £355.78 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 710

This combined signal generator and amplifier can be used in 2 different modes - as a Signal Generator with amplifier or as a stand-alone Amplifier. Uses include driving a Loudspeaker or Vibration Generator and amplifying external signals. Housed in a robust powder coated steel casing.

In Signal Generator Mode the unit can provide Sine, Square or Triangle output waveforms via a rotary switch. Output frequency ranges from 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz and is adjusted via a frequency range switch and a fine adjustment control. Output frequency is shown continuously on the LED display. Output can be as a low or high impedance signal, via 4mm sockets, depending on the requirement.

Product Code :  SNS-260-100
Brand:  IPC
Range:  0.1Hz to 100kHz in six decades
Accuracy:  ▒5% on all ranges
600W Output:  maximum 10 V peak to peak
4W output:  power output of 4W available over the entire freq. range for all waveforms. Will drive loudspeakers or other low impedance devices of 4 to 15W.
Attenuator:  x1, x0.01, ▒5% operating only on th 600W output
Waveform:  sine, square or triangular. Square wave rise time 1Ás approx., sinewave distortion 1 % on all ranges
Amplitude:  Continuously variable from zero to maximum output
Amplifier:  Voltage Gain 100
Output power:  4W into 4W load

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