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Gold Leaf for Electroscope

Gold Leaf for Electroscope
Product Code :  ECT-100-150Price:  £12.98 /6pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 24

The CLASSIC 'Malvern' type gold leaf electroscope. Housed in a rectangular sheet metal case mounted on a
insulated base and provided with removable front and back sliding glass panels, one clear and other ground, respectively. Removable disc electrode mounted at the top through a moulded plastic bush insulating the disc electrode from the metal body to prevent charge leakage. The plastic bush has a plated metal blade on the underside for fixing the gold leaf. Case fitted with terminal at the side for earthing. Removable clear front slides up to allow insertion of ionising material in chamber and fixing of leaves, when needed. A clear acrylic circular scale inside the chamber, graduated 0-90 facilitates the comparison of charge by means of deflection. Supplied complete with one pair of leaves.

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