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Mylar Loudspeaker

Mylar Loudspeaker
Product Code :  SWA-205-100Price:  £41.82 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 82

The Loudspeaker Unit contains an 87mm diameter 12W, 8 Ohm Mylar (waterproof) loudspeaker, with 4mm input sockets. The speaker cone is fully exposed which allows it to be used for a range of experiments apart from its normal use as a loudspeaker, for example:
Comparing different waveform inputs at low frequencies from a signal generator
Observing the motion of small polystyrene beads on the speaker cone at different frequencies this can then introduce the kinetic theory of gases
Adding a small piece of sponge or foam to polystyrene beads allows demonstration of Brownian Motion
A thixotropic mixture can be poured onto the cone and standing waves observed (also works with coloured water)

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