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Mixed Fuse Wire

Mixed Fuse Wire
Product Code :  ELF-300-100Price:  £3.38 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 6

This pack contains 3 lengths of fuse wire and is ideal for demonstrating the relationship between thickness and resistance in fuse wires. The thinner wire can also be used to demonstrate how a fuse works (requires a power supply capable of delivering a current over 5 Amps).
Contents: 1 length each of: 5 amp fuse wire (for use in lighting circuits, max circuit loading 1kW); 15 amp fuse wire (for use in mains socket ring circuits, max circuit loading 3kW): 30 amp fuse wire (for use in cooker, shower and immersion heater circuits, max circuit loading 7kW).

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