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Scaler Timer Frequency Meter

Scaler Timer Frequency Meter
Product Code :  TMH-760-100Price:  £390.28 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 780

A multi-purpose instrument which is invaluable in the physics laboratory, combining the functions of a multi-purpose timer, a ratemeter and a frequency meter in one compact unit. It has four, 7-segment LED digits, 13mm high. The high brightness and large size display make it ideal for classroom demonstrations. It can be used as a simple stopwatch or more sophisticated applications such as dynamics experiments with air tracks etc. The scaler and ratemeter modes allow numerous radioactivity experiments to be undertaken. When used as a frequency meter the instrument will accept diversified waveforms and may be used to determine the rotational frequency of a stroboscope disc and for displaying the frequency of a waveform from a signal generator. The instrument can be pulse operated to enable moving bodies to be timed using photo-timing gates. When used as a scaler or ratemeter the input signal can be via either a GM tube or a solid-state detector (mostly obsolete now) with an audio output. Housed in a robust metal case with a durable powder coated finish. This timer has a TNC connector for connecting a GM tube; RAD-340-150 is a suitable GM tube to use with this.

Product Code :  TMH-760-100
Size:  255x220x110mm
Range:  10Hz to 1MHz
Accuracy:  0.01%
Timer:  4 auto ranges (0-9.999x, 10-99.99s,100-999.9s & 1000-9999s)
Scaler:  3 auto ranges (0-9.999x1000, 10-99.99x1000,100-999.9x1000/s)
Ratemeter:  3 auto ranges (9.999x1000/s, 10-99.99kHz & 100-99.9x1000/s)
Sensitivity:  160mV peak
Frequency Meter:  3 auto ranges (0-9.999kHz, 10-99.99kHz & 100-999.9kHz
Max input signal:  20vrms
Max Sensitivity:  250mV rms

Q = Which type of connector on a GM tube is required to fit the Scaler Timer Frequency Meter TMH-760-100?
A = A GM tube with a TNC connector, RAD-340-150, is required to fit TMH-760-100.

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