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Semiconductor Bench Laser

Semiconductor Bench Laser
Product Code :  OLE-120-100Price:  £261.40 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 522

Brand:  IPC

This robust laser emits an intense monochromatic red beam of wavelength 630m at 0.9mW (Class II operation). Typical beam divergence is approximately 1 millirad. The laser is ideal for the demonstration of the behaviour of light in a visually effective way, reinforcing the practical work carried out by pupils using white light. It is an essential tool to develop basic understanding of the passage of light through different media, slits etc. The laser beam can be modulated by applying an external digital or analogue waveform to the 3.5mm jack socket on the rear panel. Alternatively the beam can be modulated by the internal generator which produces 0.1µs pulses at approximately 1MHz. This allows speed of light experiments to be easily performed. The passage of light through light guides and optical fibres can be demonstrated by filling a glass or plastic tube or U-tube with very dilute milk.

The growth of laser-based communication systems and research into the use of lasers in computers of the future make this an essential piece of equipment to bring up-to-date relevance into teaching.

The laser is powered by one PP3 type battery or by an external smoothed and regulated supply, has adjustable focus, no warmup time, and has a key operated safety switch. Housed in a robust anodised aluminium case. Supplied with key.


• Power: 9V Battery (PP3) or external 8-12VDC supply (2.1mm plug)

• Dimensions: 55 x 150 x 65mm overall; Weight: 0.35kg

• Laser Output Wavelength: 630nm

• Laser Output Power: 0.9mW Typical (0.95mW max.)

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