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Lascells Energy Meter

Lascells Energy Meter
Product Code :  HEM-300-100Price:  £63.62 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 126

The Lascells Energy Meter provides an all-in-one solution to teaching specific heat capacity. With real-time read-out of voltage, current, time and temperature, all measurement parameters are provided on the display screen for students to be able to calculate specific heat capacity from first principles. Energy and charge measurements are also displayed, in watt-hours and amp-hours respectively. Intended principally for use with calorimeter blocks, a detachable probe is included for fast-response temperature measurements. With an extended voltage range, the energy of lower voltage devices can be recorded, allowing the Energy Meter to be used for measuring efficiency of energy transfer, and measuring power in electronic circuits.

The unit features: a built-in timing (stop-watch) function, with a resolution of minutes; measurement in amp-hours and watt-hours, for periods up to 200 hours; 4 mm shrouded input & output sockets, for easy connection to lab power supplies & immersion heaters.


· Dimensions: 195 x 110 x 80 mm

· Weight: 330 g

· Input Voltage: 9 V d.c. 660 mA (mains power adaptor included)

· Voltage measurement range: 0 - 200 V d.c.

· Current measurement range: 0 - 10 A

· Power measurement range: 0 – 1200 W

· Temperature measurement range: -9 – 99 C

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