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Melting Point Block, Simple

Melting Point Block, Simple
Product Code :  MEL-225-100Price:  £24.98 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 48

Simple apparatus for determining the melting point of powders and crystalline solids. Consists of a cylindrical Aluminium block with viewing port, a hole drilled to accept a glass thermometer or a thermometer probe, and three smaller holes for the insertion of up to three melting point tubes (for comparative testing, if required). The large viewing port has external slots to allow a cover slip to be placed in front, to prevent draughts or cold air from affecting the results. Also included is an integral support rod, to allow clamping with a retort stand clamp. Heat to the block is usually supplied by a Bunsen burner flame directed at the base of the block.

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