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Earth Neutral & Live Demo

Earth Neutral & Live Demo
Product Code :  ELM-150-200Price:  £98.38 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 196

This apparatus is an effective demonstration of how the earth wire and fuse act together to protect both the user and the appliance.
The apparatus can be set up to demonstrate and explain: The safe wiring of an appliance; the danger of an unearthed appliance; the action of a fuse.

In use the appliance is connected correctly and the LEDs in the kettle will illuminate to show the appliance is working. A fault is then demonstrated by swapping the live wire from inside the kettle to the case. This will demonstrate either the fuse melting and protecting both the user and appliance, or in the case of no earth wire, the LEDs illuminate to indicate the passage of current through the person to ground.

The apparatus is clearly labelled and allows the tracing of current from the ‘power station’ through the 13A socket, plug and appliance through the live wire and back through the neutral wire. In addition, the layout of the 3 pin plug is positionally correct to reinforce the wiring layout and the position of the fuse. The fuse is easily visible and can be seen to ‘blow’ when a fault occurs.
The unit is supplied with 10 metres of fuse wire and full instructions. A 12V D.C. power supply is required. Connections are made via 4mm shrouded sockets.

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