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Gram Stain Kit

Gram Stain Kit
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The staining of bacteria is used to identify and classify them and is named after Christian Gram who in 1884 developed the technique. The Gram Stain is a fundamental technique used to identify and classify bacteria. In this instance, bacteria are stained with Crystal Violet and Grams Iodine and counterstained with Phenyl Fuchsin.

Gram positive bacteria retain the crystal violet and Iodine complex and are stained purple/blue, whilst Gram negative bacteria are counterstained pink/red. The teaching notes have been designed for the teacher with little experience in handling micro-organisms and include step by step diagrams of the practical procedure.

The accompanying booklet entitled Safe Handling of Micro-organisms includes full instructions on safety, aseptic technique, culturing and disposal.

Escherichia coli culture
Staphylococcus albus culture
Crystal violet
Grams Iodine Phenyl-Fuchsin
Dropping bottles for alcohol
Teaching notes

Q = I'm looking to replace the phenol fuchsin component from my Gram Stain Kit; is it available?
A = No, this is not readily available, but Safranin is suitable to use instead - either made up into solution from powder or the ready-made aqueous solution. Product codes S0001297/5G or S0001299/100ML.

Q =  What does phenol fuchsin consist of?

A = Phenol fuchsin contains: fuchsin basic; meths; water; phenol solution (from phenol crystals). The exact quantities are not available from the supplier.

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